Peg loom rug making is a very rewarding craft, with rugs being able to be made by all ages and abilities. Here at Rampisham Hill Mill not only can we produce continuous coils of uniform sliver to your specification which are ideal for peg loom projects we can also go one better for you. We are one of a very small number of mills in the UK that have a CORE SPUN RUG YARN MAKER. This rug yarn maker spins the carded fibre around a cotton (or yarn) core creating a super strength tightly wound ‘core spun rug yarn’ which intentionally has visible twist and slight variations along its length, which adds to the individual character of the final rug (as a general rule the more lustrous the breed the more pronounced the twist).

Like our sliver our core spun rug yarn is continuously coiled by our can coilers, so you will receive a bag of Core Spun Rug Yarn ready to use straight from the bag.