We are a semi-worsted spinning mill specialising in the processing of sheep wool, fleece & fibre to customer’s specifications


Using the latest high-specification wool processing machinery, housed in our purpose built mill, and powered by renewable technology we are offering wool processing services to individuals and businesses which include:

  • Scouring and Opening fibre
  • Carding fibre into Sliver, or Batts
  • Gilling Sliver into Roving
  • Spinning Yarn
  • Plying Yarn
  • Cone Winding & Hank Reeling or Finishing Yarn to Twisted Skeins
  • Core Spun Rug Yarn Making

For our services explained in more details please visitOUR SERVICESpage.


To reserve your slot please visit the Processing Charges page and download the ‘Fibre Processing Order Form’ then fill in your details and email or post it back to us.

We can process as little as 1kg for carding or 2kg for spinning per batch.

Please contact us to discuss the breed you have, its suitability and your requirements if you are unsure.

The Mill’s solar panels enjoy a lovely view!

As the main input into the mill is wool, which is a renewable material and a carbon sink, we want to ensure that our processing also has as low a carbon footprint as possible. We have been awarded part funding by Low Carbon Dorset as part of the European Regional Development Fund for an Air Source Heat Pump to provide hot water and heating to the mill, and 16kWp of Solar PV to provide electricity. This will save 16.4 tonnes of CO2 a year, and provide 30kWp of new Renewable Energy capacity.

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For all other enquiries please email us at: info@rampishamhillmill.co.uk

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Here at Rampisham Hill Mill, we are a small and medium scale semi worsted mini mill based on Rampisham Hill Farm, Dorset, in South West England UK, we scour / wash, card, spin, ply and finish Sheep wool, fibre and fleece by processing it for crafts, hand spinners and hand spinning, Knit ware designers, individuals & businesses, as well as for Smallholders or farmers. We work with the Guild of Spinners & Weavers Members as well as Fibre Shed members – from raw wool fibre & fleece supplied by the customer or ourselves, then processed to the customers specifications, with our wool, fibre and fleece processing service or our spinning, plying and finishing service onto cones or hanks or twisted skeins.

Carded Batts, Sliver, Roving and Spinning into Yarn / Wool of Shetland, Romney, Border Leicester, Blue Faced Leicester, Corridale, Cotswold, Jacob, Dorset Down, Poll Dorset, Dorset Horn, Cheviot, Texel, Lleyn, Icelandic, Mule, Zwartbles, Suffolk, Beltex, Hebridean, Hampshire Down, South Down, Oxford Down, Gotland, Black Welsh Mountain, Llanwenog, Kerry Hill, Portland, not forgetting Cross Breeds, rare breeds, and other breeds.

Please contact us for small scale or bespoke wool, fibre and fleece processing services, including Spinning to lopi, Chunky, Aran, Double Knit (DK), 4-Ply or Laceweight Yarns.