Processing Prices from January 2023.

  • If you are unsure as to the suitability of your fibre or the finished product you require, please contact us.
  • Prices are charged on incoming (unprocessed) fibre weight in kg. VAT will be added at the standard rate at the time of invoicing (currently 20%). Return postage charges will be added as applicable.
  • Wool typically will lose 30-50% in weight during processing. Skirting your fibre well, minimising vegetation matter (VM) and areas of poor, damaged and marked fibre before sending it to the mill will reduce losses during processing and therefore increase the percentage of final product returned to you.
  • An individual batch is processed as one machine run, so fleeces of different colours or breeds that are to be processed separately to each other are classed as different batches on our pricing schedule.
  • Minimum quantities are 1kg for carding and 2kg for spinning per batch, but we advise a voluntary minimum if possible of 3 – 5kg per batch for spinning to ensure a good return.
  • We can only process fibre with staple lengths between 6cm and 20cm (measured as a stretched staple length). If your fibre is shorter or longer than this, please contact us to discuss other options for processing.
  • We are unable to process prewashed fibre.
  • We currently only process sheep fibre, but on request can recommend mills that process other species.
  • Yarn is finished as oiled and unweighed cones or hanks. Yarn can be finished as washed, weighed and twisted hanks (skeins) for an additional charge as detailed above.